Tomorrow’s liveblog chat thingy (poll)

So, there are a lot of events going on tomorrow, plus we have a choice about what to watch, so I wanted to present a quick poll to see what people want to do. There are a few options:

  • Postpone another week
  • Watch 2 episodes of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Watch 1 episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Main and 1 episode of MLP Season 7
  • Watch 2 episodes of MLP Season 7

(Note: The first two episodes of Season 7 are a two-parter.)

Please comment with your preference (or if you don’t have one, please comment with whether you’ll be there tomorrow).

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s liveblog chat thingy (poll)

  1. I can’t make it tomorrow (I’m going to be running around 25 square miles of Governor Dodge State Park wearing armor for 5 hours in a Lord of the Rings LARP), so I vote postpone.

    (I meant to let you know, but I had a lot to do this week and it kept slipping my mind, sorry)

    Also, full disclosure, I already watched the MLP season premiere at a viewing party here in Madison… it was interesting, I actually have quite a bit to say about it and I look forward to discussing it with y’all.


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